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lol I'm here
Monday, March 7, 2011 / 10:38 PM

So....... I was planning on making a decent blog entry tonight but sdfdasfal Photoshop was not cooperating :|

Been kind of busy lately, which I'm thankful for (: The university-wide elections have ended, my paper on The Wealth of Nations is done, and some exams have been finished, so my load has sort of gone down, heh.

Tomorrow. Promise (this is more like a note to remind myself to post more but meh), since I've new stuff I've yet to post, lol.

A Hey! Say! Jump single that was a gift to myself for Christmas (ikr it only arrived last month, lol, but at least arrived :D), a phone charm from Rebecca, 2 Junior magazines that were a gift from my aunt from her trip to Malaysia, cards and a book (Dawn of the Dreadfuls I cannot, lol allubyoo guys) from my friends and a JJ lightstick from Jona! :D I think that's it? I think, lol.

I owe so much picture uploads to my friends, haha. Kiseop the D90 has been put to good use this and last month.

Tomorrow then. Tomorrow *crosses fingers*

This is a 19 year-old me making a birthday post
Sunday, February 6, 2011 / 11:07 PM

19. OHMYGAHD. Are you srs rn.

I got Ben and Jerry's today, so everything else is irrelevant. LOLJK I love my friends, they gave me a cake last Saturday! ^0^ Taking it home was a happy challenge, heh.

ALSO, this is me about to write a sappy HBD JUNG YUNHO post but decided not to instead, since there are already dozens on the intarwebz, and all have already managed to say all there is to be said: Yunho, we wish you happiness. You've been through a lot and you deserve nothing less. We mean it when we say you're the best leader ever, and nothing can change that. Dasrite - nothing. We love you. We really do, ok.

Pride, begone!
Thursday, January 20, 2011 / 8:40 PM

My mantra. Every time we go out to eat in Korean restaurants (I know right, totally leveling up. Although my wallet does seem to be lighter every time we eat out...... lol) I end up swallowing my pride together with the meat and rice wrapped in lettuce.

I ended up going home in a taxi because dammit, LRT and MRT only have what, until 10pm? And it's their last train. Really, public transportation could use later closing times.

We had fencing again earlier this week, and I've spent a good deal of time since then moaning about the pain ;; No joke. Even getting up in the morning is ~painful~ :))

Anyway, finally, some expected deliveries/parcels arrived yesterday, haha :D

Oh hello, Keep Your Head Down! :D I didn't take a picture of it with the purple ribbon tied around it, but it was really pretty (: I didn't think it was going to be this big. If you have NEWS' Purely calendar (LOL I know, it's such an out-of-the-blue reference, but it was what I saw earlier yesterday and it looked just about the same size, so yup) it's that big. For an album with a photobook, it's pretty big. I mean, I have Mirotic ver A which had a photobook as well, but really, it was just kind of an expanded jacket photo compilation :))

I got the qt Changmin card. Hehe.

LO and behold, the contents of the other package that arrived -- Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. Over 1000 pages of classical economic theory.

STILL WAITING FOR STUFF TO ARRIVE btw :)) I wonder if I should just make them Valentine's Day gifts, instead of really delayed/belated Christmas gifts? LOL.

Saturday, January 15, 2011 / 12:30 AM

Ohmygoodness I just need to say that I love Secret Garden. I really do. Like, truly, genuinely. I don't think I've ever liked a drama this much before lol. As much as I've adored past dramas I've watched (Coffee Prince, My Girl, Hana Kimi, etc) this one has got to be my favorite so far. Not a boring episode. Well, except for the first one, but srsly, it's the introductory one. You know, establishing relationships, personalities, etc, lol.

The actors are just perfect as well (: I love how they portray their characters, switched or not. Hyunbin srsly cracks me up every time he turns into Ra-im; so girly and screamy and ghei. I love it. LOL. Miya won't believe when I say he's the lead from My Name is Kim Sam-soon, the one Sam-soon falls in love with.

*too big, lol, had to make it a thumbnail :))

And I took a look at MAs and scholarships yesterday in Korea. Incidentally, I typed "Korean university scholarships" and the Korea University was the website that showed up =)) Even though the scholarships look good (Foreign Student Scholarship class A had free tuition ;A;; B 75% and C 65%), I'm not eligible, since they require a minimum of 16 years education overseas for non-Korean citizens. Unfortunately, since our education system is only K10, I lack 2 years ;;

So I searched, and came across Seoul National University (CUE CROWD GOING WOOOOOOOOAHH PARE, TAAS NG PANGARAP NATIN pero libre naman kaya go lang, lol) and they had scholarships as well! :D I'm going (I actually already am. I'm hell-bent on getting my MA in Korea, hahaha) to aim for the Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS) I'm pretty sure I fit the criteria....... except for the excellent part. Lord, help me. I want to earn my MA degree in Seoul National University :))

Hopefully, I can be an Asian History Major :D I hope they have minors in languages, because it was either a history MA or a languages MA. I've decided to go with a History major, since I've always loved history :D I've had enough of over 4 years of econ and pol sci here in U.P. This will be a change in scenery if ever I get in, haha.

It's still over a year away and I've still got a lot of ground to cover before I can actually apply for an MA (practicum, moar subjects, thesis, GRADUATION WOOH haha) but I'll already be praying for all these and more to happen. Lord, kayo talaga bahala sa'kin sa ganito, haha.

Anyway, I've a class tomorrow (DS152, oh hay!) and it's at 9am. *sigh* If it weren't for attendance in reporting counting..... lol anyway, til next time~

The only one in this world, she
Saturday, January 8, 2011 / 12:45 PM

I just love She from Yunho and Changmin's new album ;; (sorry, I just can't get myself to call them DBSK) and that happens to be the line that stuck out the most, haha.

So we've all read the messy crap that's been happening, and I won't go into that, because it'll cause me unnecessary bad vibes. Which I don't want because I've been in a pretty good (good considering the circumstances. I love my friends, lol, even though I abuse them most of the time loljk) mood since yesterday (: But I still support all five of them. All. Five. Bow.

Moving on~!

Anyway, we went out yesterday to eat, and to detox, at least on Miya's part :)) I had a chance to test out the video on my iTouch (really late, considering I've had it since November, hahaha) and the Hoot app, which like the SHINee Hello one, had a star selca feature in it :))

We watched a few rounds of Bakbakan, in which I cheered for CAS (REPRESENT!) and Roj and Miya cheered for the freshies. LOL.

Roj looking quite lost, lol. We were already in Mang Inasal by this time; Angerald also already deserted us.

I've a video whose quality, really, is 10x better than the pictures. But it's of Miya, and it has ~incriminating evidence~ LOL.

Til next time, I suppose~ (:

Flawless first post for 2011!
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 / 11:42 PM


This post is made flawless by

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, yes that is my dear leader and magnae in one flaming hot, ovary-imploding-exploding and mind-blowing music video.

I hope I can get my hands on my copy of Keep Your Head Down soon! I'm looking forward to their comeback on Music Bank this Friday oho, can't wait for the "I'm just chillin', feel like I'm healin'" moment u-know, hahaha.

Still looking out on where to order JYJ's Music Essay (foreal, why is it so pricey, $40 for a mini-album? lol), since from the previews it sounds good! ^0^ My early favorites have got to be Mission and Pierrot~ And I think they did a good job producing and composing the tracks in this one, the three of them (: So proud that they composed the songs!

And this just in,

The preview of the Japanese version of Why.

brb gonna watch lol

It sounds the same (duh, lol); I've always preferred their songs in the original language (like Purple Line in Japanese, Mirotic/O Jung.Ban.Hap in Korean; Rising Sun is an exception lol, I liked the Japanese version a bit more than the Korean one, thanks in part to the MV) and I think this will be one of those songs again, ahaha. Also, thinking if I should get the single........ because they're releasing it just barely a week after the release of Music Essay and goodness knows why I only support one fandom. Hahahaha. AKA I-have-no-more-money-ok =))

Anyway, in non-fandom related talk, I've been thinking that I should probably get started on my thesis this sem - decide on a topic and start researching on it, so that next year won't be so stressful. Seniors (I think? LOL) only get a sem to finish their thesis and knowing how much of a procrastinator, slacker and over-all lazy bum that I am, it'll be a tough and sleepless sem if I can't decide on a topic and get it approved ;; So I think I'll be asking a few people on what I can have as a thesis topic, and hopefully..... I can get some stuff done before the practicum /shudders

A last note; Miya's and Jona's gifts haven't arrived yet, fuck it. LOL I think they were shipped together with my Arigatou CD (WILL NEVER GET OVER THE LACK OF JACKET PICTURES IN JE CDS OK so now I actually feel that SM/Avex is actually spoiling us with the abundance of jacket pictures, hahaha). Damn man =)) anyway, I hope it arrives soon, lol

HAHA then, til next time~! ^0^

Thursday, December 30, 2010 / 9:50 AM




Well kpop, my faith has been restored thanks to these 2 guys plus those teasers JYJ has released.

It is all good.

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